To enjoy blipping around the city please make sure you have read and understood the safety rules of riding a kick scooter. We care about your safety and others while you are riding.

Please follow all the safety requirements.

Where to ride

  • Slow down on footpaths and around pedestrians

  • Keep as far to the left as possible when riding on the road

  • Only one person per scooter

  • Follow traffic rules (traffic lights & road signs)

How to ride 

  • Carry out pre-ride inspection (check brakes and check for any signs of damage)

  • Start off slowly until you are confident with using accelerator and brakes

  • Ride With both hands at all times

Road rules

  • Use caution at pedestrians crossing

  • Ride considerably

  • Follow all traffic rules including street signs and stop signs

  • Wear a helmet

  • Only one person per scooter

Where to park

  • Park Blip out of the public right of way, keep all driveways, walkways, ramps, and fire hydrants clear at all times. 

  • Only one person per Blip

  • Use both hands at all times

  • Wear a helmet while riding 

Do Not!

  • Do not ride in the bike lane

  • Do not park in the center of footpath

  • Do not speed in congested areas

  • Do not drink and ride

  • No headphones, listen to your surroundings

  • Do not ride with children or any other passengers

  • Do not use a mobile phone while riding

  • Do not ride in restricted areas

  •  Do not perform tricks or stunts while riding

  • Only use on paved, even surfaces

  • Do not use a damaged e-scooter 

Please remember to