How to Blip

Blip E-Scooters are easy to ride. We are all about the excitement of riding and keeping you and others around you safe. Use these easy to follow instructions to find a blip and ride safely.


Share with care

Find a Blip on the map

Scan QR code or 

Enter scooter number.

Ride safely

Bring your own helmet.

Lift the stand

Lift & kick-off to start.

Accelerator and brakes 

Press accelerator to move.

Press brakes to slow down and stop.

Foot placement 

Place both feet on footboard while riding.


Always give the right-of-way to pedestrians.

Slow down in congested areas.

Where to ride

Ride on footpath.

Do not ride in bike-lane.


Park at a bike rack when available or on the side of the footpath.

Do not block pathways.

Lock your blip

End your ride or

Lock to reserve & continue ride later.

Please follow the safety steps carefully and enjoy your ride!