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To ensure you enjoy your ride, Blip has a few rules. The rules are there to prevent accidents and provide a smooth user-friendly experience.

Please read all info & FAQ's below or for any inquiries contact 

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Important Info

• Please DO NOT take a Blip on to any Private Property. Repeat offenders will be fined $100 and your account will be blocked.

• Blips must be available to public use at all times.

• Do not ride a Blip with another person. This is unsafe and can damage the e-scooter

• Do not perform any tricks or stunts on a Blip. You can be fined $100 and your account will be blocked.

How do I Start a ride? 

Ensure that you have internet access and your location (GPS) is turned ON. After locating a Blip on the Map, use the QR-code button on the top-right of the screen to open the camera, and scan the QR code on the Blip, or type in the Blip ID number (ie. 20) then tap Ride/Unlock.

You will need to toggle the 3 questions to green before you can Slide the button to unlock the Blip.

Once unlocked, make sure the kickstand is up and start by kicking off the ground to gain some speed (above 3 km/h), then press the "GO" (throttle) slowly. Remember to test out both electric brake and rear foot-brake. Safe riding!

How much does it cost to ride a Blip?

$1 to Unlock & 55¢ per min.

Park Mode will cost 12¢ per min. which will lock your Blip but keep it hired under your account.

How does the 'Reserve' function work?

You can 'Reserve' a Blip for a set time of 3 min. free of charge!

This gives you time to locate the Blip before hiring.

During this 3 min. no one else can hire the Blip.

What if my Blip isn’t working?

If you face any issues with a Blip that could affect your safety, stop your ride immediately and contact Blip through the message function on the Blip App. Alternatively, the help email, or the contact via website live chat function.

Why does Blip restrict age?

Blip restricts age to ensure all users are of an age at which can take full responsibility of their ride and e-scooter. E-scooters are a ‘Low Powered Vehicle’ and can be unsuitable for younger riders.

How far can a Blip e-scooter be ridden? 

A Blip e-scooter can travel approx. 30 km on a full battery, this is dependent on the weight of the rider and the slope of the route.

Where can Blip be ridden?

Blip requests to ride on footpaths or if riding on the road, to keep as far left as possible. Any paved surfaces are suitable for the e-scooters.

There may be some restricted areas in some cities where e-scooters are not allowed to be ridden. These will be highlighted on the App and you will be able to easily identify these areas.

What cities does Blip operate in?

Blip currently operates in New Plymouth.

When are Blips available for riding?

Blips are released every morning between 6 am and 7 am in the service areas shown on the map. You can end a ride after operation hours but cannot hire a new one, the Blips will disappear off the map once picked up by our team for charging.

Summer: Pick up between 8 pm - 10 pm

Winter: Pick up between 7 pm - 8 pm

Can I unlock multiple Blips at the same time? 

Unfortunately no, each rider must have their own account to unlock a Blip.

How do I End a ride? 

Ensure that you have internet access. On the App, Slide the 'End Ride' button to end the ride.

Ensure that the Ride Summary page is displayed and the front light on the Blip has turned off, which confirms that your ride has ended.

Where should I park my Blip when finishing my ride? 

The best part about Blip is parking anywhere once you finish your ride. Blip requests to park to the side of the footpath, out of the way of pedestrians, and to avoid blocking walkways or entrances. The most suitable parking areas are next to street furniture such as bike racks, lamp post, etc.

Be sure to lock your Blip around a pole or handrail etc. to reduce vandalism and so that you aren't responsible for any damages. Remember to take a photo of your locked Blip. 

Why can't I find Blips that are on the map?

Please ensure you have searched all open public spaces and behind vehicles or large structures. If you still cannot find a Blip report to the Blip team via one of the contact methods.

Can I ride a Blip in the rain?

Yes, you can ride a Blip in the rain, Blips are shower-proof but remember to take extra care when riding on wet surfaces.

How fast can a Blip go?

Blips are limited to 15 km/h for everyones safety.

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